Never Let Me Go kind of let me down

I absolutely loved Kazuo Ishiguro’s other novel, The Remains of the Day, so I had high expectations for his far more popular work, Never Let Me Go. But I was left largely dissatisfied. One could classify this book as science fiction and dystopian, but the story is far more about character relationships with the SciFi […]

Zayni Barakat: on Power and Justice

This absorbing tale follows the rise of Zayni Barakat, the enigmatic Governor of Cairo, during the last tumultuous stage of Mamluk rule before the devastating conquest of the Ottoman Empire (1500-1517). The author, Gamal al-Ghitani, paints a city besieged with fear. The inhabitants face a variety of grim prospects such as attacks from Mamluk soldiers, arbitrary laws […]

Great Expectations exceeded my expectations

I found this to be a quirky yet poignant rags to riches tale that actually made me laugh out loud at several points. Charles Dickens employs wit and dark comedy to perfection. The story follows Pip an orphan with latent desires for greatness, desires that would remain unrealized in the backwater countryside in which he […]


And I hereby inaugurate my hasty attempt at fiction on this blog! It was actually quite fun, I might do this Friday Fictioneer thing more often. Below was the photo prompt for my 100 word story. Dark bags under the eyes and perfectly miserable, I observed.  A sigh escaped me as I greeted my granddaughter. […]

Leonard Peltier: “My crime’s being an Indian, What’s yours”?

I was rummaging through stowed away books from my college days  and came across  Leonard Peltier’s Prison Writings: My Life is my Sundance. I repressed a wry smile as I flipped through the few pages containing haphazard underlines and scrawled notes. Ahh to relive those awkward classroom discussions where no one had done the readings but everyone was ready […]